Final Fantasy XII - Finished!

I put the early part of my holiday to good use and finally completed Final Fantasy XII, almost exactly 15 months after I got it. I took a long break from it because I got rid of my big old CRT television and went for a while without one at all before taking delivery of a new HD model. Anyway, I was thoroughly satisfied with the game, the ending was superb. I'm also happy with the fact that I never had to level grind to beat it. I took a little peek at the end boss and got beat, but a bit of tweaking here and there and equipping myself with some spells I hadn't bothered to get yet sorted things out. In the end I think I hit about 81 hours. Not bad at all.

On another RPG note though, I was trying out Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata on the 360. I say was, because after a few hours of each I've decided not to continue. Not that they're bad games as such, but with RPGs I really need something to hook me in the story and/or characters as well as the gameplay, and while they are charming enough I don't get much out of the overly cute Anime stylings. I'm much more inclined towards the FFXII, Vagrant Story or Valkyrie Profile style - a kind of medieval fantasy design at least slightly rooted in a physical reality.

That leaves my RPG plate with Folklore on it, which I can now put my full attention towards. I'm still enjoying that a great deal.