Haha, no. Not those kind of Predators. Though a trawl through the history of The Predator in videogames might be interesting, if only for the fact that I'd have to point out that Aliens Vs Predator on the Jaguar was, in fact, utterly rubbish even when it was new.

Back on track... I'm one of those insufferable bores that thinks the Amiga was the greatest gift to home computing and computer games. You may have heard of us - desperately clinging onto copies of Amiga Format well into the late 90s, mumbling things about multitasking and BOBs and how Monkey Island 2 was perfectly playable even with a single disc drive thankyouverymuch.

As I'm occasionally wont to do, I've spent a couple of days off wallowing in nostalgia. The result of which is that I've recorded and uploaded one of my favourite old megademos to Youtube, amazed that it doesn't seem to be there already. Just the interesting bits, mind - there are a few sections that don't lend themselves too well to simply watching (a couple of games and interactive things).