Top Ten of 2009 - Gravity Crash

Okay look, if you know me and you know videogames, you know this is on the list. I've gone over my love for this type of game many times before, and Gravity Crash is basically what happens if developers look into my head and pull out a blueprint for the kind of game I most like to play.

Perfunctory description: You carefully pilot a spacecraft through treacherous cave systems collecting gems and picking up fuel and stranded comrades, while fighting against enemy ships, gun emplacements and the occasional boss, and taking out specific targets in the environment.

Check: Glowing vectors. Chippy soundtrack. Smooth and precise control.

If this seems like I'm willing to give a free pass to any game of this type... it's true. However, Gravity Crash happily sits among the best examples of the genre. Its only omission is some kind of tractoring mechanic as in Thrust or Solar Jetman - that kind of interplay tends to engage me the most. Still, there is plenty of variety in the challenges as it is, and the built-in level editor ensures an unlimited amount of new ones.

This game tussled with the two fighters below it, but in the end it's not even a fair fight. The judge is biased.

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