60 - Lords of Chaos (Atari ST)

Another cracking turn-based strategy game from Julian Gollop and co., Lords of Chaos pits a number of wizards against each other magical combat, whilst trying to locate and enter a portal that appears randomly after a number of turns. Wizards can cast various spells - enhancing their own abilities or summoning creatures as allies to help them fight.

An aspect of the game that lends it a bit more depth is the creation of the player's wizard. Points can be allocated across several stats, with the remaining going towards mana for spellcasting. After each successful level the wizard gains more points, and wizards can be saved for use in future adventures. The main game itself is a bit short with only three scenarios, and an additional two in an expansion pack. It is very replayable though, even against the computer. In multiplayer it's.... magic (sorry).

I played it a lot on the Spectrum initially, but the icon-driven interface and improved graphics of the ST version won me over in the end. It's the kind of game that's begging for a modern remake, playable online.

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