96 - Interphase (Atari ST / Amiga)

Interphase was one of the few games that tackled the Cyberpunk genre and pulled it off with complete success. While other games concentrated on the exterior world of the future, Interphase took you inside an advanced computer system - Cyberspace, to all intents and purposes. The aim of the game is to interact and modify this virtual representation of a corrupt corporation's security system, enabling a counterpart in the physical world to pass unhindered from floor to floor (12 in all) of the actual building itself, in order to retrieve and destroy a dangerous 'Dreamtrack' program - devised by the corporation to subliminally brainwash users.

Real-world doors, security cameras, lifts and the like are represented by their controlling mechanisms in the virtual space. When your partner comes up against a locked door you have to find it and disable the lock, for example. A strong puzzle element comes into play from planning a route through each floor, making sure your partner doesn't fall foul of any security measures. Of course, the virtual space is also teeming with hazards and enemies, so there is a great balance between tactical thought and straightforward action.

The game still looks great today, thanks to its simple but effective polygonal styling. A quite unique idea that still plays like a charm.

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