94 - Stunt Car Racer (Atari ST / Amiga)

Racing game maestro (Sir) Geoff Crammond went a little off his own beaten track with this extremely fun game, which sees a pair of dune buggy-style vehicles competing on some truly crazy courses. Things start off fairly sedate to ease you in, but soon you're quite literally ski-jumping your vehicle around some very punishing tracks. Even these buggies can only take so much damage though, indicated by an ever-lengthening crack along the rollbar and a few popped rivets.

The key to the game is learning precisely the right speed at which to tackle every jump and bump - as well as keeping the car on the track, naturally! Stunt Car Racer has a very special feel to it... the handling of the car over the undulating track is pitched just right - a perfect balance of control and chaos. Reaching the top of division 1 was very challenging but incredibly rewarding. You could even link up two computers for head-to-head action, cross-platform.

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