68 - Tower of Babel (Amiga)

Tower of Babel was one of the defining Amiga games for me. I was completely addicted to it for months, even creating my own towers (for no-one to play, seeing as nobody I knew played Tower of Babel...)

Anyway! It's a cracking puzzle game. You take control of three robots, each with a particular function: Zapper, Pusher, and Grabber, and tackle a series of levels in which particular objectives have to be met. Often the aim is to collect 'Klondikes' using the Grabber, but of course it's not as simple as that. Obstacles and enemies in the environment need to be overcome with careful planning, each level being an intricate puzzle with a definite solution. As the levels get more demanding you can even program your robots with a set of commands, Big Trak-style, then run them at once. It appeals to the really obsessive part of me, that likes to dissect a game completely and find a perfect solution or 100% completion.

The filled vector graphics haven't aged a bit, and the stately pace of it still draws you in. Throwing in a complete toolset to build your own levels just tops it off perfectly - it's great fun to play around with.

Tower of Babel perfectly represents a certain era and kind of game that I dearly miss.

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