70 - Soukyugurentai (Saturn)

Soukyugurentai is a sadly overlooked entry in the Saturn's shmup lineup which I think is finally starting to gain wider appreciation. Like most Raizing efforts the action is incredibly fast and the screen is peppered with gunfire - though it's no bullet-hell shmup. It uses a lock-on system similar to Layer Section, and much use is made of the 3D space below the player's craft. This leads to some great dramatic moments in the action, such as a rapid descent through the clouds to attack waves of tanks, or a boss ship zooming up from the distance, past the player and off screen before finally settling into place.

A really great score from Hitoshi Sakimoto rounds off the package. A gem of a game that's easily picked up for very little - a refreshing change in the world of Saturn shmups.

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